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Services for AC Units in Dundas and Surrounding Areas

Is the summer heat unbearable in your home? Without a properly functioning AC unit, you might be having a rough time. Southeastern Ontario residents rely on the team at Gas Works Inc. for all their air conditioning needs. If your AC unit is broken or you’d like to upgrade to the newest model, just call Gas Works Inc. We’re dedicated to helping you beat the heat with our air conditioning sale, repair, maintenance and installation services.

High-Quality and Efficient AC Unit Services in Dundas

With regular care and maintenance, your air conditioner can last for 10 to 20 years. However, if your unit is over ten years old, it is important to contact us for annual inspections in Dundas and the surrounding areas. Older air conditioning systems are more costly to repair and are vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning and electrical problems. If you hear odd noises, see water pooling near pipes or detect unpleasant smells, immediate professional attention is necessary. Contact Gas Works Inc. right away for any air conditioning related issue to avoid any health or safety hazards or any long term damage to the cooling system.

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Is Your AC Unit Making Unusual Sounds?

Timely inspection and repairs can save extra costs in the long run.

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